7.4.5. Geometric Constructions

What does the following figure illustrate?

  • Aa perpendicular to a straight line originating from it
  • Ba bisector of an angle
  • Ca perpendicular from a point lying outside a straight line
  • Da straight line parallel to another line
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Draw in which cm, , , and cutting it at to find the approximated length of by measuring, then calculate the area of .

  • Acm, area
  • Bcm, area
  • Ccm, area
  • Dcm, area
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Draw of length cm, and using a compass and a ruler, draw the straight line that is the axis of symmetry of , where . Label the point such that cm, and measure the length of .

  • Acm
  • Bcm
  • Ccm
  • Dcm
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