6.4.4. Representing Statistical Data by the Frequency Curve

The following table shows the bonuses received by 75 factory workers in a certain week. What is the number of workers who received a bonus of less than 50 LE?

Bonus (pounds)20–30–40–50–60–70–Total
Number of Workers1051015251075

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Ghada and Salma recorded the temperatures of 39 cities on a certain summer day. They collected the data forming the following frequency table:

Temperature (degrees Celsius)24–28–32–36–40–44–Total
Number of Cities45885939

How many cities have a temperature of 36 degrees or higher?

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The table below shows the frequency distribution of the scores of students in a test. Find the percentage of the number of students whose scores start from 40 marks but do NOT exceed 50 marks.

The Marks25–30–35–40–45–50–55–Total
The Number of Students74513361250

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The table below represents the daily income of 40 workers in pounds. Find the value of .


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