2.4.2. Meters and Centimeters

Given that a car is 3 metres and 95 centimetres long, determine its length in centimetres.

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Given that the length of a table is 5 metres, then what is its length in centimetres?

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6 metres and 42 centimetres centimetres.

  • A
    1 048
  • B642
  • C148
  • D102
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300 centimetres metres.

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3 metres centimetres.

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A lady bought a 4-metre piece cloth to tailor a dress. If the tailor used 386 centimetres only, how much cloth is left in centimetres?

  • A382 centimetres
  • B14 centimetres
  • C390 centimetres
  • D346 centimetres
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A woman bought 6 metres of cloth, and she used only 124 centimetres to make a shirt. Determine how many centimetres of cloth are left.

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Arrange these following distances ascendingly: 7 metres, 767 centimetres, 324 centimetres.

  • A767 centimetres, 324 centimetres, 7 metres
  • B767 centimetres, 7 metres, 324 centimetres
  • C324 centimetres, 7 metres, 767 centimetres
  • D324 centimetres, 767 centimetres, 7 metres
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Arrange the following distances ascendingly: centimetres, metres, centimetres.

  • Acentimetres, metres, centimetres
  • Bmetres, centimetres, centimetres
  • Ccentimetres, centimetres, metres
  • Dmetres, centimetres, centimetres
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Complete using <, =, or >: 8 metres and 29 centimetres 627 centimetres.

  • A
  • B
  • C
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In a ball-throwing game, a man got a record of 4 metres, and another one got a record of 532 centimetres. Determine the difference between the distances of the two throws.

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If the door of a room is cm high, and the height of the space above the door to the ceiling is m, what is the height of the room?

  • Acm
  • Bcm
  • Ccm
  • Dcm
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