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With over 12,003,831 mathematics questions, Chestnut Learning provides K-12 students with an interactive environment to improve their skills and boost their grades. Chestnut Learning will encourage students to practice anytime and track their own progress.

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Intelligent and Personalized

Chestnut Learning’s embedded artificial intelligence system tracks students’ patterns, learn their strengths and areas of development, and provides them with suitable progressive exercises allowing them to learn at their own pace.


A well-developed system that connects Parents, Teachers, and Schools to monitor students’ learning path and track their scores and performance.


Chestnut Learning provides teachers and parents with detailed reports about each student with their progress and performance in any given assignment.

Quiz Creator

Chestnut Learning helps teachers create simultaneous exams, homework sheets, quizzes, along with their automated grading to facilitate their teaching tasks.


Solved examples with detailed answers description are provided for each question to help students grasp the idea of the skill whenever they are stuck.


Our products are delivered in many languages, and not limited to; Arabic, English, and French.

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